A Vacation In Mtunzini, On The Kwazulu-Natal Coast, Is A Birdwatcher’s Paradise

Birdwatching Paradise – A Holiday In Mtunzini, On The Kwazulu-Natal Coast

For years, adventure-seeking tourists have flocked to Kwazulu-Natal in pursuit of safari thrills in the state’s breathtaking wildlife reserve. But visitors to Mtunzini who have a special interest in bird watching are in for a wonderful treat because there, numerous uncommon birds have been seen nesting and feeding in the deep woodlands.

What to See

The Southern Zululand Birding Route, which contains 14 interconnected networks throughout three areas of Zululand, allows birdwatchers to hire local guides to assist them find and identify some of the 600 or more native bird species in the area. Mtunzini is a part of this route. The Palm Nut Vulture is what draws the majority of birdwatchers to Mtunzini.

This rare Old World vulture is a unique bird of prey because, as its name implies, it mostly eats the fruit of the oil palm that is indigenous to the Mtunzini woods. Birdwatchers and naturalists can observe the vulture and other birds in their natural habitat by strolling along the elevated boardwalk that winds through the trees as they make their way to the Rafia Palm monument.

Albeit the Palm Nut Vulture is the greatest draw for birdwatchers visiting South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal, fortunate birders may likewise have the option to see a few different animal varieties ordinary to the area, for example, the African Broadbill, Livingstone’s Turacos and Southern Joined Snake Falcon. Uncommon cases seen in and around Mtunzini can likewise incorporate imperiled gooney bird species, penguins and cranes. A few stupendous finds, in the event that you can see them are some of South Africa’s dazzling flying predators, for example, the Lappet-confronted Vulture and More prominent Spotted Hawk.

Where to Stay

Mtunzini has a few fabulous facilities with natural life holds right on the doorstep. The Mtunzini Woods Cabin is right on the birding trail and is set in the core of the lavish backwoods. With 22 wooden chalets, the timberland stop offers guests a private sundeck and grill region at every chalet for the ideal spot to loosen up following a monotonous day on the path.

For an, all the more full-administration convenience experience, attempt the Mtunzini Informal lodging. Set up on the slopes over the coast, rooms offer staggering perspectives on the dusk over the ocean, and the proprietors offer directed voyages through the neighborhood, visits custom fitted to birdwatchers looking for the interesting and lovely birds of the area.

Other Activities

Despite the fact that Mtunzini is most popular for its untamed life and birds, a lot of different redirections keep you involved. Given its waterfront area, Mtunzini has more than 40 kilometers of ocean side, which is famous with sightseers and local people the same. The name Mtunzini deciphers as “place in the shade” due to the woodlands that periphery the coast, and it makes for an entirely agreeable spot to remain with heaps of safe house from areas of strength for the African daylight during the blistering late spring days.

Its area near the equator likewise implies that the temperature never decreases beneath 18o Celsius, so it’s an ideal objective lasting throughout the year. The ocean and tidal ponds in the space are ideal for people who love to fish, and there are a lot of journeys accessible for sharp anglers and ladies to take to the water and catch some fish. The regular parkland around Mtunzini is a delightful spot for strolling and climbing, and directed strolling visits are accessible throughout the entire year.


In spite of the fact that Mtunzini isn’t one of the principal puts that might come into view while arranging an outing to South Africa, an excursion at a homestay in Mtunzini would be heaven for birdwatchers and untamed life devotees. You should go nearby, so click on this connection for superb vehicle rental arrangements.

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