The making of Gran Ravioli of King Prawns

The making of Gran Ravioli of King Prawns

I remember being a young child who was always impressed by my aunt’s cooking skills. In particular, those pasta dishes were so delicious to taste even if I wasn’t hungry. My all-time favorite dishes were the Timpani and Tortelloni al Forno, a traditional Maltese dish, and the Ricotta Ravioli with a straightforward macchiato tomato sauce (Oven Baked Tortelloni).

But the dishes with ravioli were the ones that stayed in my mind the most. As I prefer to prepare pasta dough by hand, I knew I would be happier with the results when I dipped my hands in the flour to begin.

One may make fresh pasta in a matter of minutes using a pasta maker and other appliances, such as a ravioli cutter, thanks to all the mixing machines that are currently accessible. Today, supermarkets sell frozen pasta dough that is already made and ready to purchase. Therefore, stop making excuses!

A few weeks ago, while browsing the fresh prawns in the fishmongery part of a nearby closed market, I had the idea for the Gran Ravioli of King Prawns. The nutty flavor of the sesame oil complements the flavor of the King Prawns and the fresh herbs.

The instructions are rather straightforward, and the pictures I shot will undoubtedly help you prepare and cook this King Prawn Ravioli.

The recipe is provided below.

  • King prawns in a large ravioli
  • The Pastry’s Ingredients
  • 5 whole eggs and 500g of flour
  • Salt and two tablespoons of olive oil for the filling
  • 300g Meat From King Prawns
  • 2 little onions
  • Garlic cloves, two
  • Sesame oil and six mint leaves
  • Leafy basil, six
  • Light soy sauce, 3 teaspoons
  • a whole egg with salt and pepper.


– Place the salt-and-sifted flour in a food processor, and then gradually pour in the beaten eggs. After that, stir in the olive oil until the dough forms.

– Place on a floured surface and thoroughly knead until you form a ball and there are no sticky bits left in your hands.

– Refrigerate the dough for 30 minutes to an hour to rest (You can make this in advance).

– To fill the cavity. Put the raw king prawn meat, sesame oil, mint, basil, onions, garlic, and soy sauce in a blender and season to taste.

– You can blend the mixture and leave it chunky, or you can blend it well if you like.

– Remove the pasta dough, divide it into two parts, and run the pasta through the pasta maker on size 3 to create the pasta sheets.

Continue by spacing out the filling on the pasta sheets by about 1.5 cm, and then brush the stuffing of the King Prawns with beaten egg. Next, top with the second pasta sheet and squeeze with the pasta cutter to create the gran ravioli.

– Place the ravioli on a floured surface, and then freeze for a short while. Cook for 4–5 minutes in boiling, salted water. Serve with butter sauces that are light, like basil or tarragon.

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